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Hydraulic Anchor winch | Towing winch | Electric Mooring winches | Expansion



Mooring Winch

Expansion Marine offer all kinds of shapes and sizes mooring winches to suit the rules of the classification societies.


Key feature:

  • Self tensioning
  • High quality componets
  • Split drums as option
  • Seawater proof bearings
  • Rugged design

Towing winch

Expansion Marine manufactures towing winch as requirement.


Key feature:

  • Emergency release system
  • Meet to classification societies
  • Rugged design

10t electric winch-420

Anchor winch

Expansion Marine offer a wide range of anchor winches,windlasses,anchor drum winches,windlass winches.

Key feature:

  • Tailor made
  • good surface of drum
  • all layers can work
  • anchoring and mooring together in one winch
  • At least five teeth

Tugger winch

Expansion Marine offer a wide range of Tugger winch.

Key feature:

  • Drive: Hydraulic or electric
  • Configuration: Single drum
  • Warping end: With or without
  • SWL Up to 20 tonnes (1st layer)
15T hydraulic tugger winch