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Our History

  • 2006In 2006 Expansion marine has been set up

    In Zhangqiao Industry park
  • 2008In 2008 Expansion marine moved our own facotry

    Expansion marine covers expansionmarineOur own factoryan area of over 20,000m3,with plant area over 6,000m2, outsoffice buildingoffice and supporting facilities area over 4,000m2.Expansion marine sets up mechanical laboratory and testing platform to conduct test-bench350T dynamic load test and 800T static load testmechanical tests ,at maximum,350T dynamic load test and 800T static load test,to guarantee the materials meet designing requirements.
  • 2008In 2008,we got BV WPS.

    2008BVcertBV WPSIn 2008,we got BV WPS
  • 2009In 2009,we got CCS ISO.

    2009.02CCS-ISOBV WPSIn 2008,we got CCS ISO
  • 2009In 2009,we got GL WPS.

    2009.09GLWPS GL WPSIn 2009,we got GL WPS
  • 2010In 2010,We got emergency towing arrangement cert.

    2010.02BVETAemergency towing arrangement certIn 2010,We got emergency towing arrangement cert.
  • 2010In 2010,We got CCS-ISO QMS cert

    2012.05CCS-ISOQMSCCS ISO QMSIn 2010,We got CCS-ISO QMS cert.
  • 2012In 2012,We got DNV WPS cert

    2012.06DNVWPSDNV WPSIn 2012,We got DNV WPS cert.
  • 2012In 2012,We update GL WPS cert

    2012.09GLGL WPSIn 2012,We update GL WPS cert.
  • In 2013,We update ISO-CCS.jpg cert

    2013.05ISO-CCSISO-CCS.jpgIn 2013,We update ISO-CCS cert.
  • 2013In 2013,We update BV WPS cert

    2013.07BV-CERTISO-CCS.jpgIn 2013,We update BV WPS cert.
  • 2016In 2016,We update BV WPS cert

    2013.07BV-CERTIf you need,please email meIn 2013,We update BV WPS cert.

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